Box Condition


Here's a helpful guide to recognizing the status of the boxes:

MINT: The box is in good condition. Possible but not frequent negligible defects. *

NEAR MINT: The box is in good general conditions, small unclear but present minor flaws, such as light ripples of the paper, or very light folds in unobtrusive spots.

NO MINT: The box may have one or more of the following defects: moderate wear on the base or display case, slight dents, ripples, minor tears and minor creases.

DAMAGED: The box has crushing, macroscopic dents and / or large tear-offs, possible splashing of the display case, seriously damaged corners etc.

* Note: For clarity, consider MINT all the POPs that most collectors consider as such. If you are a perfectionist, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for information about Pop! Which interests you, we will describe the conditions at our best (but do not ask for the photos please). If we notice substantive differences in the condition of the box in relation to what is posted on the site, we will notify the customer before the order expires.

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