Guarantees on Purchase


Our Guarantees on Purchase.

Legal and Commercial Guarantee

Directive 99/44 / EC and the individual national transposing rules (for Italy, dated February 2, 2002, no. 24) introduce a new guarantee scheme for consumer goods purchased by consumers by "consumer" Exclusively "the one who uses the goods for purposes other than business or professional activity * possibly carried out" (domestic / private use). For these reasons, these new rules do not change anything in the customer / supplier relationship with regard to invoiced purchases (for which, however, the twelve-month business warranty applies).

The "two-year legal warranty" provided for by the directive is provided directly to the consumer by the seller and is liable for any "defect in compliance with the sales contract", meaning that it comes into play every time the consumer finds a difference between the Declared characteristics of a product and those of the item purchased. This is a guarantee for failures of conformity or defects in lack of promising features and concerns a problem that has characterized good from the source (eg a processor that does not reach the nominal clock frequency). In such cases, the consumer has the right to request the intervention of the legal guarantee because the purchase contract was not respected or because a good other than the delivered one was delivered. In the event of a failure to comply with the 24-month warranty period, the Company undertakes, repairs or replaces the good or part thereof that is damaged by a defect in manufacture. The warranty does not include normal wear and tear. While there is no right to do so, our company reserves the right to replace it with another version in the event of replacement of the non-compliant good.

Alongside the legal guarantee resulting from the implementation of Directive 99/44 / EC, there is a second form of guarantee called a commercial guarantee, which in all respects is a guarantee of good functioning: it does not guarantee the absence of any vices, but the fact That no defects occur due to long-term use. However, the duration of this commercial guarantee is limited to twelve months, except for exceptions explicitly stated by the manufacturer directly on the invoice or on the warranty certificate.
There is no right to claim the warranty if - the defect or damage was caused by improper use. The following actions, such as repairs or interventions carried out by unauthorized persons by the manufacturer at the opening of the apparatus, are not compliant (it has the same value as an unauthorized third party) - manipulation of assembly components - Software manipulation - defects or damage caused by fall, breakage, lightning or liquid infiltration. Moreover, even if defects or damage have been caused by mechanical, chemical, radio and thermal influences (eg microwave, sauna, ...) - devices with accessories or accessories not authorized by the manufacturer pursuant to art. 5 of Directive 99/44 / EC, the customer to exercise his rights has the obligation to denounce the defect of conformity within two months from the date on which he found such a defect. In the case of replacement of the product or component, the products or individual parts made, in exchange for replacement, become the property of the manufacturer. Guaranteed performance does not extend the warranty period. Therefore, in case of replacement of the product or its component, a new warranty period does not apply to the good or individual component supplied, but the date of purchase of the original good is to be taken into account. No further rights of any kind are excluded.

Rules governing the Guarantee of Goods Sold for Entrepreneurial or Professional Activities

In the case of purchases for Business Entrepreneurship or Professional (invoiced sales and VAT), the valid warranty is only the Commercial that is normally 12 months, except for several warranties offered by the manufacturers.

Our company always aware of the issues that sometimes arise with the user hope that the explanation described above can serve to clarify doubts and at the same time respond to the various questions that often the buyer places at the time of purchase. But most importantly, the buyer is able to communicate the exact terms of the Warranty from the Seller.


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